Legacy of Excellence

For over 140 years ROCOL® has been known for manufacturing arguably the finest lubricants in the world.

Here in South Africa we have represented and grown ROCOL® into a market leader.

Supplying leading companies in; Food & Beverage, Industrial, Automotive, Mining, Aerospace & Defense.

Lubrication Management

Trusted by the worlds leading Food & Beverage manufactures, ROCOLcare® is the pinnacle of end to end plant lubrication management.

This premium service saves the end user time, reduces costs and increases production output at no charge!

World Class Support

We know that knowledge & expertise comes with time and at ROCOLcare® we have over 140 years of lubrication experience.

Our team of highly experienced specialists give solutions to the most complex operations in the most challenging environments in South Africa.

Full Audit Compliance

ROCOL® is internationally well known for adhering to the highest ISO certifications.

ROCOL® was the first ISO21469 certified manufacturer in the UK! This globally recognized hygiene certification provides credible, independent assurance that all ROCOL® products are formulated, manufactured and supplied hygienically and safely.



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