Industrial Marking Products

Whether your customer needs to permanently mark metal, wood, glass, rubber, cardboard, or ceramics, DYKEM Brand marking products and layout fluids are proven performers. Carefully formulated and manufactured to deliver vivid color and durable identification marks and color-coding, the DYKEM family of products is an ideal companion for professionals who need quick and effective detection and protection against tampering and changes in settings or controls.

Dykem Cross-Check™

Inspections in aviation are crucial to ensuring safety and structural integrity. Dykem Cross Check™ allows for technicians to quickly identify tampering or vibratory loosening of nuts, bolts, fasteners & assemblies in critical applications in and around the aircraft.

  • Highly Visible
  • Tamper-Proof Torque Mark
  • Safe for most surfaces
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Provides Warranty Protection
  • Visually detects loose nuts & bolts
  • Boeing Specification: BMS8-45 Type II
  • Lockheed Martin 302-40812
  • Two year shelf life

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The WRITE Marking Solutions

DYKEM® Markers provide a solution for almost every industry and application. They are critical for tasks like tracking parts, managing work-in- progress, identifying defects, and more. You need quality markers to deliver quality products to your customers, and DYKEM® markers deliver.

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  • Detects high spots on bearings, gears and other close fits
  • Blue, soft, uniform paste spreads easily and evenly
  • Never dries out
  • Film remains pliable and transferable for months
  • Saves time and money in surface scraping work

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Stands out for its distinctive fine and medium oil-based paint markings. The stainless steel-ball valve action tip writes through oil, grease and water without losing legibility or brightness even in extreme conditions.


  • Structural steel
  • Steel stockholders • Construction sites
  • Identifying rusty/oily/greasy tools
  • Identifying parts that are stored outside


DYKEM® Staining Colors provide quick identification on a variety of component parts. These stains repel oils as they adhere without flaking and scaling. DYKEM® Staining Colours are easily applied by brushing or spraying and dry quickly to the touch.

  • Perform well on light and dark tinted metals
  • Provide excellent coverage properties and opacity
  • Thickness can be reduced by adding DYKEM® Remover & Prep
  • Fast drying
  • Resists cracking, chipping, flaking or scaling
  • Will not interfere with moving parts when thinly applied


Use DYKEM Acetone with many DYKEM products to dilute or remove.


Prepares surfaces for better adhesion of layout fluids and removes layout fluids when project is complete

Did you know: Rumour has it the first R2-D2 robot used in the Star Wars movies was coloured with DYKEM® STEEL BLUE®.

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