Did you know that SCRUBS-in-a-Bucket® Hand Cleaner Towels can save your company money? - Rocol

Did you know that SCRUBS-in-a-Bucket® Hand Cleaner Towels can save your company money?

Yes, you are thinking I have lost my mind – too much time in the South African sunshine has baked my brains! Possibly, I have been sniffing too much hand sanitiser! How can using an industrial strength, disposal cleaning towel really save my company money? Well, it can, and I can prove it.

First what are some advantages of using SCRUBS-in-a-Bucket® Hand Cleaner Towels

  1. Portability – a proven way to clean your hands and tools away from a sink.
  2. Strong textured cloth for heavy duty hand and tool cleaning.
  3. Highly absorbent towel – traps and hold soils
  4. No water rinse required – leave hands soft and residue free.
  5. Reduces instances of potential disease cross contamination – a big deal these days.
  6. No need to wash rags or use a service – sustainability!
  7. Cost savings

So, let’s focus #7 above – cost savings. After all, it is imperative one save money where one can. 

Let’s start with a typical hand cleaning scenario…

  • An employee’s hands need cleaning…so it is time to walk to a cleaning station – this trip takes time.
  • During that trip, your employee may get distracted by co-workers and start conversation, or get on their cell phone – this, also, takes up valuable time.
  • The employee cleans their hands then walks back to their workstation; again, more time is consumed.  An average of a mere 10 minutes per trip is used in this scenario.  Note most trips could be longer in duration.

Now, here are some questions to ponder:

  • Frequency – How many times a day does just one of your employees leave their workstation to clean their hands?
  • Duration – How long does it take for that one employee to leave, clean their hands, and return to work? 
  • Dollars – What is your employee’s hourly salary?
  • Workforce – How many of your employees must leave their workstation to clean their hands or tools?

With those thoughts in mind, lets run the numbers:

  • Suppose 1 employee takes 10 minutes to leave, wash, and return to work.
  • This one employee does this a minimum of 2 times per shift.
  • This employee hourly wage is R67.11 per hour.
  • So, if you run the calculation 10/60 (minutes of an hour) multiplied by the hourly wage times 2 trips it costs your company R22.37 per employee per day to clean their hands.
  • If a Scrubs wipe cost R7.50 and your employee uses 2 per day that comes to R15.00 per day per employee. So, R15.00 for SCRUBS – R22,37 for workers time = R7.37. That is R7.37 you could be saving PER day PER employee by switching to Scrubs-in-a-Bucket®.
  • To take it bit further, that isR7.37/day x 5 days or R36.85 a week per employee.

If you have 10 employees that is R368,50 per week!


And dont forget the above calculations dont take into account the cost of grit type hand cleaner, water consumption and wastage, as well as the pains that come with grit cleaners like blocked drains.