Power Generation

Nuclear Approved, Oxygen Safe, Non Flamable Products

Globally recognized, premium lubricants manufacturers ROCOL® & LPS® offer a variety of specialized cleaners, lubricants, Anti-seizes & compounds designed for critical environments, such as those found in the Power Generation where flammability, chemicals, acid and steam are a concern.

Turbine MRO Products

ROCOL® OXYLUBE Spray provides a very high content molybdenum disulphide dry film.
It is designed to lubricate sliding mechanisms such as plain bearings, pins, cams and slides particularly in oxygen or vacuum environments.
ROCOL OXYLUBE Spray is also suitable for applications where contamination by aggressive chemicals or petroleum based solvents, oils and greases would destroy conventional lubricants.

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Non Flammable, No Residue, Chemically Safe Cleaner.

If flammability and user safety are a concern, LPS No flash .20 is the answer. This non-flammable, industrial-strength, electrical contact cleaner is formulated with worker safety in mind. The fast-evaporating formula contains no brominated solvents for an improved health and safety profile. And no residue means no rinsing or wiping is needed to keep the project moving.

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Lubricants & MRO Products for Wind & Solar Farms

ROCOL® & LPS offer outstanding market leading products for demanding applications found in both Wind & Solar Farms such as, gear greases, anti-seizes, corrosion inhibitors, Galvanising Sprays & torque markers to name just a few.

If you require products for Wind turbines and Solar structures contact one of our sales or technical agents.

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Alternatives to Chlorinated Degreasers

We have a variety of worker safe degreasers, one such product is LPS ZeroTri, a residue free, high performance industrial degreaser FREE from chlorinated solvents and designed for degreasing parts and equipment.

Another heavy duty degreaser in the LPS Range with a longer contact time (for even more difficult applications) is our LPS Presolve.

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Nuclear Grade Anti-seize

ROCOL ANTI-SEIZE 797 does not contain copper and exhibits extremely low sulphur and chlorine levels making it ideal for use on exotic alloys often found in the Power Generation, Nuclear, Aerospace and other associated industries.

ROCOL ANTI-SEIZE 797 is resistant to high temperatures for long periods as well chemical attack as the most aggressive environments. -40°C – 1000°C


Special Anti-seize for Stainless Steels in Power generation

ANTI-SEIZE Stainless is a nickel-free anti-seize paste specifically designed for stainless steel, nimonic and silver-coated fasteners, particularly those subjected to high temperatures for long periods in the aerospace, automotive and power generation industries. 

ANTI-SEIZE Stainless does not contain copper and exhibits extremely low sulphur and chlorine levels, making it ideal for use on aerospace alloys.


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Meeting the Highest Standards

All the functions at ROCOL are carefully controlled within our BS EN 9100:2018 and ISO9001:2015 accredited Quality Management System to ensure that we continue to deliver products that exceed your expectations.

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