Producing highly-developed and technically advanced solutions for customers has been our priority for over 140 years.

A comprehensive range of food-safe lubricants, FOODLUBE® ensures a safe and compliant manufacturing process across the pharmaceutical industry.


  • Extended component life – ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity
  • Increased lubrication intervals – reducing overall lubricant and labour cost
  • Reduced downtime


  • Formulated using only FDA-regulated ingredients
  • Free from GM, soya, nuts or nut derivatives and mineral hydrocarbons
  • Manufactured under strict BS EN ISO standards
  • Contamination-free lubrication ensuring plant efficiency site-wide
  • ROCOLCARE® enables the achievement of Good Manufacturing Practice

FOODLUBE® 1500 Spray

Food grade, multipurpose, chain and press lubricant in aerosol

ROCOL® FOODLUBE 1500 Spray is a high viscosity, non-toxic, water-resistant lubricating aerosol designed primarily for the effective lubrication of all types of chains & presses operating in food, pharmaceutical and other clean environments.

FOODLUBE 1500 Spray is an excellent all-round lubricating fluid containing additives to boost performance and improve adhesion. It also offers excellent water wash off resistance and corrosion protection necessary for lubricants used in food, pharmaceutical and other clean environments.

  • NSF H1 registered – 165034 ISO 21469
  • Halal certified
  • Kosher certified
  • Vegan Society certified

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Application Specific Product Selection

  • Tablet Press / Compactors – Used to compress powder into single pill form.
  • Blister Machines – Used to form packaging with individual compartments for products.
  • Mixers – Generally slow moving stirrers are used to mix the various ingredients.
  • Coaters – Used to create a protective external glaze on each individual tablet.
  • Blowers – Used for conveying powders through pipes to the next part of the process.
  • Silo – Vibratory shakers with gear couplings used to ensure the powder moves freely in silos.
  • Hopper – A bulk storage system. Used to store large amounts of powder or individual tablets.
  • Vac Pumps – Used to extract air from packaging.

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Solutions For All Sectors In The Food & Beverage Industry

ROCOL’s FOODLUBE® range provides technically advanced lubricants to all sectors within the Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Our Chemists have developed solutions to meet our customers needs, from sugar disolving solutions for Confectionary, to high temperature chain oils for Bakery.


Pioneering technologies unique to ROCOL®

Risk maniagement in the food & beverage industry has never been so complex and important.
Thats why we developed DETEX®; metal detectable plastic actuators and caps for all our food grade aerosols and cartridges.


ROCOL takes pride in having become one of the first companies worldwide to achieve ISO 21469 approval.

This certification takes into consideration our manufacturing facility for hygiene, quality, dedicated manufacturing areas and good manufacturing practice. states: ISO 21469:2006 specifies hygiene requirements for the formulation, manufacture, use and handling of lubricants.
Within a factory environment, lubricants can have incidental contact with products and packaging used in the food, food-processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, tobacco or animal feeding-stuffs industries.

All ROCOL food grade products are manufactured within the strict guidelines of ISO 21469:2006, ensuring zero risks to consumer products in the event of a contamination.

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Lubrication Management For Pharmaceutical Industries

Today, for our customers, the FOODLUBE brand is synonymous with:

  • Increased Overall Equipment Efficiency
  • Full audit compliance
  • Training and support
  • Peace of mind
  • Food safety

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