Automotive Maintenance Products

Hawk is a proudly South African brand of high performance vehicle maintenance products for all internal combustion engine driven vehicles. The HAWK product range comprises of additives for both diesel and petrol engines as well as general vehicle maintenance products, from injector cleaners to multipurpose lubricants.

HAWK is the automotive industries most competitive car care brand. With over a decade of customer experience and product development, using the latest product formulations and additive packages, HAWK strikes the perfect balance between performance and price competitiveness, affording end users the best product at the right price, all the while bringing you future technology now. 

HAWK Engine Flush

HAWK Engine Flush removes varnish and harmful deposits that build up in the engine after long running periods. HAWK Engine Flush is designed to clean and free piston rings, valves and hydraulic valve lifters. Hawk Engine flush will restore and improve compression and performance of the engine after the service.

  • Improves engine performance.
  • Removes harmful deposits engine.
  • Removes varnish.
  • Restores compression.
  • For smoother cleaner engine performance.

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HAWK Radiator Stop Leak

HAWK Radiator Stop Leak is designed to stop and prevent leaks in the radiator. Prevents the build up of rust and scale in the cooling system. HAWK Radiator Stop Leak is designed to be left in the radiator while the vehicle is in use. HAWK Radiator Stop Leak prevents and stops leaks and helps maintain condition. HAWK Radiator Stop Leak will not effect radiator hoses or aluminium.

  • Prevents Scale and Rust.
  • Helps maintain cooling performance.
  • Stops leaks fast.
  • Safe to leave in the cooling system while you drive.

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Ideal For Car Service Centres & Repair Shops

HAWK car care products make for the ideal product range to be used in vehicle service centres and repair shops.

With a wide range of car care products we can serve the majority of your customers needs.

  • Excellent de-watering properties
  • Complete internal and external corrosion protection
  • Protects against wear on guides and sheaves
  • Easy to Apply via spray applicators
  • Approved to NATO and Naval Standards

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HAWK Diesel Injector Cleaner

HAWK Diesel Injector Cleaner is designed and formulated to improve and restore diesel fuel injector function through the removal of harmful deposits from the fuel injectors and inlet system.

  • Improves injector performance.
  • Removes harmful deposits in the fuel system.
  • Improves injector life.
  • Restores and improves start ups.
  • For smoother running and lower engine noise.

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HAWK Brake Cleaner Spray

HAWK Brake Cleaner is specifically designed to clean all brake components leaving behind a clean residue free surface. HAWK Brake Cleaner will effectively clean brake discs, pads, linings, drums, rotors, caliphs, springs and backing plates and can also be effectively used on other automotive parts such as; clutches, CV joints, bearings, chains and tools.

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Perfectly suited for Fuel Stations

HAWK offers the perfect balance of performance and price for customers looking for great value when visiting fuel station shops as an off the shelf solution for customers on-the-go.

From our Pump & Go to our Radiator Stop Leak Hawk can provide temporary emergency solutions to those in need.

  • Competitively priced
  • Latest additive packages
  • Superior value for money
  • large range of products
  • Professional in store look

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