Technically advanced metalworking fluids and service

We manufacture a comprehensive range of innovative metalworking fluids, greases and oils – all designed to meet customer needs in specialized challenging operating conditions.

We provide market-leading performance for manufacturing and service workshops, tool rooms and maintenance departments across a variety of different applications.

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ULTRACUT® – Soluble oil cutting fluids

The ULTRACUT range of water-mix cutting fluids has been developed to provide maximum cutting performance, including products for all metal removal operations.

ULTRACUT has been formulated to provide:

  • Long, cost efficient sump life
  • High mixing dilutions – economic in use
  • Extended tool life
  • Operator friendly usage
  • Low foaming
  • Excellent residual corrosion protection

General Purpose Hardened Alloys (Titanium) Aluminium Alloys Slideway Solutions Fluid Care

Worlds Leading Hand applied cutting fluid – RTD®

The RTD range of hand applied cutting lubricants has a unique formulation, providing superior performance across a range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

RTD “doubles tool life” and in some cases can provide up to a 400% increased productivity compared to similar products*. Laboratory testing has shown that RTD offers up to 5 X times more anti-wear protection than other products, extending tool life and improving surface finish ensuring the quality of the finished workpiece.

During the production processes, damage and breakage can mean significant cost increases. Using RTD helps to minimize these risks and allows the Precision Engineer to Cut with confidence.

Switching to RTD can provide an overall cost reduction in production costs:

  • Minimised tool breakages
  • Improved surface finish
  • Reduction in cost of recovery of broken tools
  • Improved productivity rates
  • Reduction in rejected workpieces

RTD Liquid RTD Compound RTD Spray RTD FOAMCUT Spray

Metal Working Products

ROCOL® offers high performance metalworking products for machine shops and tool rooms. We have market leading solutions for applications such as; Reaming, Tapping, Drilling, CNC’s Coolants, Mould Protection & Release Agents, Marking Inks, Forming Oils, Spatter Release Sprays & more.

  • Cutting Fluids (Neat/Soluble)
  • Fluid Care Products
  • Mould Protection & Release
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Pressing, Stamoing, Forging Oils
  • Marking Inks

A Slideway oil like NO other!

Formulated to be compatible with water mix cutting and grinding fluids ROCOL® Ultraglide X5 reduces the formation of solids and therefore the possibility of oilway blockages which cause expensive downtime and repairs.

Ultraglide X5 provides:

  • Excellent resistance to wash-off,
  • Eliminates chatter and vibration.
  • High film strength prevents metal to metal contact and reduces wear.

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Welding Products

Our ROCOL® SPATTER RELEASE Spray prevents the adhesion of molten weld spatter to the work piece, fixtures, jigs, shrouds and nozzles. Spatter Release spray provides a cost effective even film with excellent spatter release properties.

ROCOL’s Spatter Release Spray outperforms traditional anti-spatter sprays, by eliminating the need for multiple coatings, thus becoming the most economical & cost effective product to use.

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Other sectors we serve…

As well as cutting fluids ROCOL develops and manufactures solutions that reach right across the engineering industry. From glass production to welding, plastic injection moulding to hot metal forging – we’ve got you covered. 

Our chemists work with engineers in the field to ensure we’re creating products that meet the demanding needs of engineers industry wide.

Biodegradable Degreaser Mould Protection Welding

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We Are Fully Accredited

Whether you are looking for a supplier with food grade approvals aerospace certifications, the our brands have it all. You can view all our certifications across our market leading brands in our knowledge center.

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