High Performance Lubricants

Few lubricants brands in the world can say they have over 140 years of lubrication experience! ROCOL is one such brand. ROCOL manufactures ultra high performance, specialist lubricants which have become known worldwide for their superior technological advantage over the traditional lubricants. Both in the laboratory and in the field, ROCOL’s products produce stunning results, earning itself a reputation for truly superior performance. Today ROCOL® has become synonymous with “performance you can trust.”

ROCOL® prides itself on producing technically advanced products with industry needs at the core. Each and every product has been designed and developed in the spirit ROCOL® is renowned for:

  • Trusted Superior Performance
  • Problem Solving
  • High Quality
  • Excellent Technical and After-Sales Support.

Industrial Lubricants Range

ROCOL’s SAPPHIRE® Bearing Greases range includes greases for high loads, shock loading, high temperatures, high speeds, wet environments, dusty environments, chemical attack and more. If you are finding your lubricants are not performing as they should or you find you are lubricating too frequently, ROCOL is the answer for you!.

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Food Safe Lubricants

ROCOL offers one of the widest ranges of Food Grade lubricants on the market. With solutions for all sectors requiring NSF & FDA registration and certification, including, HALAL, KOSHER & Vegan. ROCOL offers H1 and 3H food safe lubricants for the safest possible registration.

Benefits of choosing ROCOL;

• Increased Overall Equipment Efficiency
• Full audit compliance
• Training and support
• Peace of mind
• Food safety

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Metal Working Products

ROCOL® offers high performance metalworking products for machine shops and tool rooms. We have market leading solutions for applications such as; Reaming, Tapping, Drilling, CNC’s Coolants, Mould Protection & Release Agents, Marking Inks, Forming Oils, Spatter Release Sprays & more.

  • Cutting Fluids (Neat/Soluble)
  • Fluid Care Products
  • Mould Protection & Release
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Pressing, Stamping, Forging Oils
  • Marking Inks

Line Marking Made Easy

ROCOL’s Easyline Edge Applicator is designed to put you in control. Enabling quick and easy line marking for car parks factory floors and much more. Our paint dry’s in 10 mins and last longer than conventional paints. No need for costly contractors!


  • No need for costly contractors
  • Fastest method of applying lines
  • No need for brushes, Tape, Troughs etc.
  • Get sharp, clean lines, no mess!

Marine & Offshore

Some of the most hostile environments for equipment to operate in, occur in the marine and offshore industry where extreme corrosion, water washout and exposure to the elements are major concerns.

ROCOL® is known globally for the highest performance delivering unrivaled results in the most arduous of conditions. Our Marine & offshore products excel in Wire Ropes, Bearings, Assemblies and Bushes by:

  • Protecting investments & equipment i.e wire ropes against costly internal corrosion.
  • Resisting wash-off in Bearings & Wire Ropes even in strong coastal tides.
  • Preventing premature failure of bearings, bushes, ropes and assemblies.
  • Reducing friction and wear
  • Avoiding cost and risks associated with injuries and cleaning

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Heavy Industry

Ultra Heavy Duty Industrial Lubricants For:

  • Marine
  • Offshore
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Quarrying & Cement
  • Construction
  • Ports and Docks
  • Lifting and Crane

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We Are Fully Accredited

Whether you are looking for a supplier with food grade approvals aerospace certifications, the our brands have it all. You can view all our certifications across our market leading brands in our knowledge center.

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