ROCOL® is trusted by industry leaders in automotive production machinery like Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Jaguar, Land Rover, Denso WEBB, Winar, Movetech, TAL and BASF

From the gears operating press shop machinery to the wire ropes lifting heavy vehicle parts along to the next stage. ROCOL® technically advanced solutions provide the care your automotive plant machinery needs, with world-leading lubricants, oils and greases designed to optimise every last machine bearing or rope chain to achieve its best – day and night – ensuring your plant stays operational for longer, free from interruption.

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Forming & Stamping lubricants

The ULTRAFORM™ range of forming and stamping lubricants are formulated to produce industry leading results for cold forming operations such as deep drawing, forming, piercing and blanking & is the reason why our stamping lubricants are used by the worlds leading car manufactures.


  • Increase production rates and reduce lubricant usage.
  • Provide optimum performance, preventing splitting, pick up & scoring, resulting in minimal scrap rates.
  • Be used on a wide range of metals Give maximum tool/die life.
  • Provide excellent process compatibility.

Vehicle Paint Shop Case Studies

Machinery in the customer’s Paint Shop was experiencing increased downtime caused by
heavy carbonisation to its Webb conveyor chains within its oven paint booth, leading to their rejection.

ROCOL® proposed CHAINGUARD 230, a
100% ester-based chain oil that operates at temperatures up to +230°C

Over 40 days, our customer observed:

  • Lower evaporation resulted in less consumption
  • No carbonisation recorded
  • No dripping
  • Superior lubricity
  • Reliability over a longer period eliminated other potential losses

Products For All Areas in Automotive Manufacturing

We offer a wide variety of products for all critical area’s of automotive manufacture and assembly. Including stamping oils for the Press Shop, sliding lubricants for the vehicle Body Shop, high temperature bearing & chain oils for the Paint Shop, cutting oils for the Tool Room, tapping & drilling lubricants for the Transmission Room & anti-spatter oils for the Welding Shop.

Robotic Arms & Bearings; Crane Ropes, Gearboxes & Bearings, Marking Pastes & Paints for Inspections, Oven & Furnace Lubricants & Line Marking & Demarcation are all applications we have products for.

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Automotive Engine & Body Inspections Made EASY with DYKEM Cross Check!

Dykem Cross Check provides fast vissable identification, for warranty protection of vibratory loosening or tampering of nuts, bolts, fasteners & assemblies. Used by leading automotive manufacturers and subcontractors worldwide.

Watch how our Dykem Cross Check offers automotive technicians the fastest most convenient way, to easily inspect the loosening of wheel nuts & other fasteners on the vehicle engine, body and axel components.

Case Study – Automotive High Temp Conveyor Chain Trolley

The Paint Shop was experiencing excessive bearing failure on its Webb conveyor chain trolleys which were operating in an aggressive environment at 190°C, causing the machine to fail and the trolley to need replacing before its expected end of life.


Over 6 months, our customer observed:

  • No re-application of the grease was required Provided excellent protection of bearings
  • No dripping, oil separation or carbonisation Reliability over a longer period
  • ROCOL SAPPHIRE® Premier was the perfect solution for automotive vehicle paint booths.

HAWK Car Care Products

Our HAWK car care products give customers incredible value for money when maintaining and upkeeping their vehicles. Products such as our; Engine Flush, Petrol Injector Cleaner, Radiator Flush, Smoke Stop, Diesel Injector Cleaner, Carburetor Cleaner & Radiator Stop Leak to name a few, keep your vehicle in optimal condition.

  • Increased Overall Equipment Efficiency
  • Full audit compliance
  • Training and support
  • Peace of mind
  • Food safety


Specified by leading Automotive Manufacturers

ROCOL® meets stringent quality management standards and holds various accreditations including AS EN 9100:2018 and ISO 9001:2015. ROCOL, LPS & Dykem are specified by leading automotive manufacturers.

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