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Since the launch of the first ROCOL® EASYLINE® Aerosol line marking system on BBC’s Tomorrow’s World show by Raymond Baxter in 1976, ROCOL® Site Safety & Anti-Slip Solutions have been at the forefront of innovation; delivering technically superior products to the market.

Line marking… made easy

with our brand new EASYLINE Edge line marking system!

Why choose EASYLINE?

  • You’re in control – instant line marking for small to medium areas
  • Reduces downtime – dries in 10 mins and traffic ready in 30 mins*
  • Reduces costs – no need to employ contractors
  • Quick to assemble and simple to use – no experience or tools needed
  • Use it for marking car parks, warehouses and stores, factory floors and other hard flat surfaces

*In accordance with ASTM 0711

EASYLINE® Applicator EASYLINE® Paints


Transparent anti-slip spray, quick and easy to apply to metal, timber, fibreglass, marble and many other substrates

  • A quick-fix anti-slip coating, ideal for small areas
  • Transparent
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use
  • Suitable for pedestrian traffic
  • Durability approximately 6 months, dependent upon application
  • Coverage: 1.5 – 2m² per 400ml aerosol
  • Application temperature between 5-30°C

Drying Times

  • Touch dry: 30-40 minutes
  • Overcoating time: 30-60 minutes
  • Light pedestrian traffic: 12 hours
  • Heavy pedestrian traffic: 24 hours

With a superior paint formulation combined with the precision engineered EASYLINE Edge applicator, the new EASYLINE Edge System produces sharp, bright and durable lines.


  • Traffic grade epoxy paint produces highly durable lines
  • Resistant to most general chemicals
  • Unique dual-propellant system performs consistently in a wide range of temperatures
  • Designed and supported by our technical team of chemists and engineers


  • Typically 100% more paint content than other marking sprays – goes further with bolder lines
  • High quality paint creates longer lasting lines
  • Saves time with minimal mess and wastage
  • Efficient system avoids direct handling and exposure to paint and thinners
  • Safe, non-toxic formula minimises risk of harm to user and the environment*
  • Not classified as harmful or toxic in accordance with EC directive 1272/2008

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  • Formulated to last between 2-3 months
  • ** Environmentally friendly and safe for aquatic life
  • Ideal for spot marking in areas where permanent paint lines cannot be tolerated.
  • One pass system for bright, durable lines
  • Extra tough 18Bar rated aerosol can
  • Fast Drying – touch dry in 5 minutes
  • Suitable for use on a range of surfaces including: tarmac, asphalt, concrete, grass and soil

The EASYLINE Edge range

EASYLINE Edge line marking paint is accepted as the ultimate line marking paint aerosol around the world. 

Available in eight RAL matched colours and fluorescent yellow, EASYLINE Edge line marking paint is an extremely durable ‘traffic grade’ epoxy paint ideal for line marking and free hand marking both indoors and out.


How to use our new EASYLINE Edge System

Learn how to correctly use our new EASYLINE Edge Applicator with this short demonstration. 

Find out more about the exciting features available and create sharp, long lasting lines everytime:

  • 3 line widths– quickly switch between 50 ,75 and 100mm width lines
  • Simple paint can loading- fast, easy and safe
  • Finely adjust spray direction- creates sharp lines
  • Height adjustable handle- tilts for comfort
  • Sharp Edge definition- patented airflow system
  • Shielded spray zone- prevents over spray in windy conditions
  • Adjustable rear stabilisers- fold in for marking close to curbs or racking

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