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The ROCOL Gas & Plumbing range consists of high performance leak detection, sealants, cleaners and general lubricants for use in the Gas & Plumbing sector. Our specially formulated products have been developed to provide maximum performance across a wide range of applications fully catering for all needs within the Gas & Plumbing sector.

ROCOL’s extensive portfolio includes a comprehensive range of high performance specialist sealants for the Gas & Plumbing sector, such as our ROCOL Steamseal Specifically designed to meet requirements and standards, our products offer exceptional performance and reliability in an industry where reputation is everything.



STEAMSEAL is a Foliac high pressure, high temperature pipe sealant with graphite and manganese giving efficient sealing for ferrous pipework.

High pressure, setting pipe sealant for metallic threaded and flanged joints.

Sets hard but is flexible enough to resist vibration, thermal expansion and contraction of pipework.



Non-Setting Sealant and Gasket Compound for Threaded and Flanged Joints

  • Excellent temperature range from -50°C to 250°C.
  • Can resist pressures of up to 35 bar (500 psi).
  • Joints sealed with ROCOL HYLOMAR UNIVERSAL Blue are easy to break and clean.
  • Non-setting and non-hardening and resists vibration, thermal expansion and contraction of joints.



A translucent, non-toxic grease that has been designed for the lubrication of seals, ‘O’ rings, slides, slow speed bearings and other similar light to medium duty applications.

Resistant to chemicals, oils and gases and can be used as an electrical filling compound.

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LEAK DETECTOR Spray is a specially formulated leak detection fluid designed specifically to identify even the smallest, positive pressure, gaseous leak on plastic and metallic pipework and fittings. It does this by leaving a thin uniform film of surface-active agents that accurately identify any leakage or bleeding of joints.

ROCOL Leak Detector Spray meets all the below requirements and is the industry go to leak detection spray in the UK.

Leak Detector


FOLIAC Rapid-Curing Pipe Sealant for Universal Applications. Particularly Effective in Scientific and Fine Industrial Applications

  • Hard setting, rapid curing thread sealant
  • Rapid cure speed minimises down time in breakdown and repair situations
  • Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approved for use on hot (up to 85°C) and cold potable water
  • Meets requirements of EN751-1
  • Can replace traditional hemp/paste combinations
  • Suitable for use with stainless steel, glycol, etc.



  • Flexible setting pipe jointing compound for high pressure and sealing threads and face connections
  • Effective sealing for fuel oils and petroleum
  • Resists vibration and thermal environmental changes
  • Suitable for petrol, diesel, biodiesel and fuel oils

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