Mining & Heavy Industry

In an industry where reducing down-time and disruption is vital to the success of your operations, you need to have full confidence in your lubrication supplier.

ROCOL’s technically advanced lubricants are developed by our chemists and engineers to operate in the harshest conditions.
Our lubricants offer:

  • Market leading wear and corrosion protection
  • Optimal performance even in arduous, wet and damp conditions
  • Increased equipment life and reduced downtime

Heavy Duty, High Temperature Lubricant – SAPPHIRE® Extreme

Excels in applications such as ovens, furnaces, kiln cars, crushers, screens, presses, loaders, scrapers, wagons and similar applications where bearings, pins, bushes, slides, etc. are subjected to extreme conditions.

  • Non-melting, organically modified clay (Bentone) thickened grease fortified with molybdenum disulphide, for excellent high temperature and water resistance.
  • Ideal for highly loaded applications, where shock loads and vibration can occur.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance to protect in humid, damp and even wet conditions.


3 X the Performance with the SAPPHIRE® Range

ROCOL SAPPHIRE® bearing greases are designed to provide effective lubrication and protection for bearings operating under a wide variety of conditions.

SAPPHIRE greases typically lasts three times longer than conventional greases reducing the volume of grease required to re-lubricate. This results in a major cost saving over standard soap based greases.

  • Excellent corrosion resistance to protect in humid, damp and even wet conditions.
  • Highly tenacious lubricants, with outstanding film strength, ensure the lubricants remain in place even in severe operating conditions.
  • Multi-complex soap technology gives enhanced shear stability.

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A high performance de-watering wire rope fluid designed for complete lubrication and corrosion protection of most types of wire ropes, particularly in wet and hostile conditions.

The unique solvents allow for easy application as well as assist with breaking down of old grease and.grime. A tenacious, semi fluid non melting grease is left behind providing:

  • Excellent de-watering properties
  • Complete internal and external corrosion protection
  • Protects against wear on guides and sheaves
  • Easy to Apply via spray applicators
  • Approved to NATO and Naval Standards

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BIOGEN® – Biodegradable Lubricants

Offering next generation technology, our BIOGEN products are the ideal solution to the harsh demands found in heavy industrial environments. Designed specifically for use in offshore and subsea applications, our advanced BIOGEN wire rope and ROV umbilical lubricants offer maximum protection where environmental performance cannot be compromised.

DETEX® reduces risk, helps our customers avoid costly recalls & protects our customers reputation

High Performance & Biodegradable

High Load, Shock Loading, Vibration Resistant Greases

With Outstanding EP performance, far superior to conventional lubricants both SAPPHIRE® HI-LOAD & SAPPHIRE® HI-PRESSURE are Ideal for highly loaded, shock and vibration applications.

This means your bearings will last significantly longer – fewer unplanned repairs or breakdowns to attend to.

  • Protects equipment under extreme conditions
  • Ideal for shock loads and vibration
  • Incorporates molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) which has a natural affinity to metal
  • Highly-tenacious film with a low coefficient of friction effective on multiple surfaces including metal

Single Point Lubricators, SAPPHIRE® Autolube & UNILUBE

Battery & Gas operated automatic lubricators containing the high performance of ROCOL® SAPPHIRE® ADVANCE

Multi-purpose Extreme Pressure bearing grease fortified with PTFE for maximum bearing life.


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Whether you are looking for a supplier with food grade approvals, aerospace certifications, our brands have it all. You can view all our certifications across our market leading brands in our knowledge center.

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