LPS & ROCOL manufacture high performance aerospace lubricants and corrosion inhibitors, approved for use on both rotary and fixed wing aircraft. Our products are:

  • Trusted global partners for commercial airlines and defense organizations
  • Approved by most major aircraft OEMS
  • We offer Airbus and Boeing approved products
  • AS/EN 9100 certified products 
  • All products are developed to meet internationally recognized OEM and military standards

LPS Range

LPS is a leading Aviation MRO lubricants brand in South Africa & abroad.

The LPS brand provides high-performance maintenance chemicals to aerospace worldwide. Our complete line of products eliminates redundant inventory and minimizes costs while maximizing equipment efficiency and productivity.

Through partnership with airlines and aircraft OEMs, LPS continuously develop and improve maintenance solutions through our expertise in the aerospace industry, formulating chemicals and specialty products specifically for the industry.

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The ROCOL® AEROSPEC range offers a full complement of greases for general airframe, landing gear, flying controls, actuators and is the premium choice for many other commercial aviation lubrication tasks.  

The AEROSPEC products are used on Both Airbus and Boeing. AEROSPEC uses innovative technology that ensures our products are industry leading in every way.

It also includes products for specialist tasks such as aerospace anti-seize applications and corrosion protective sprays.

The Gold Standard of Aircraft Maintenance Products

LPS’s reputation precedes itself, used by mechanics and engineers the world over, LPS is synonymous with the highest standards when it comes to aircraft maintenance.

LPS is committed to providing solutions that perform to industry standards by meeting the stringent specs required to maintain quality and safety assurance..

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Outstanding Aviation Electro Contact Cleaner!

Cleaning relays, controls, connectors & contacts is crucial in maintaining safe reliable electrical performance. Use the world renowned LPS CFC Free for the intimate performance.

LPS CFC Free is a fast evaporating, residue free, electrical contact cleaner which is safe on plastics, see the difference between LPS and a competitor product.

Boeing D6-17457, Revision T” – SPEC

LPS 1 Lubricant

Used world-wide in aviation LPS 1 offers a unique, greaseless, non-oily lubricant which does not attract dust & dirt, ideal for delicate mechanisms, safe to use on paint, fabric and most plastics.

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Dykem Cross Check™

Inspections in aviation are crucial to ensuring safety and structural integrity. Dykem Cross Check™ allows for technicians to quickly identify tampering or vibratory loosening of nuts, bolts, fasteners & assemblies in critical applications in and around the aircraft.

  • Highly Visible
  • Tamper-Proof Torque Mark
  • Safe for most surfaces
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Provides Warranty Protection
  • Visually detects loose nuts & bolts
  • Boeing Specification: BMS8-45 Type II
  • Lockheed Martin 302-40812
  • Two year shelf life

We Are Fully Accredited

LPS & ROCOL® meet the highest aerospace certifications. You can view all our certifications across our market leading brands in our knowledge center.

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