Extreme low temperature silicone grease 

  • Silicone based, lithium complex soap thickened grease
  • Excellent temperature range of -73 to +150°C
  • Outstanding low temperature performance
  • Compatible with most rubbers and plastics
  • Highly resistant to water washout
  • Approved to JSD XG 315

Product information

AEROSPEC 533 silicone aerospace grease is approved to JSD XG 315 amongst others and is designed to be used in pneumatic systems widely found in ships and on aircraft. It is also used for guided weapons and automotive applications. Compatible with most plastics and rubbers (excluding silicone rubbers).

AEROSPEC 533 holds the following specifications:

  • DEF STAN 91-56/3
  • JSD XG 315
  • NATO G-394
  • NATO Stock Number: 9150 99 220-1438 (75g)
  • NATO Stock Number: 9150 99 944-0603 (1kg)

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Part Codes

75g - 16641

1kg - 16644