High Temperature Graphited Chain and Conveyor Lubricant

  • High load carrying performance
  • Clean evaporating base oil
  • Suitable for temperatures where conventional fluids fail
  • Does not contain solvents
  • Temperature range; wet film -10°C to +180°C
  • Temperature range; dry film up to +550°C
  • Low fuming
  • NSF H2 Registered

Product information

Extreme high temperature graphited chain lubricant for bakery oven chains.
BAKERLUBE HT is an NSF H2 registered, graphite based, high temperature dry film chain lubricant. It is specifically formulated for the lubrication of oven chains subjected to extremes of temperature up to 550°C.
BAKERLUBE HT is ideal for the lubrication of conveyor chains in high temperature environments where the risk of product contamination by a wet lubricant cannot be tolerated. For example, bakery oven chains, or where temperatures are too high for wet lubricants to be used.

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Part Codes

20l - 15705