Brake Cleaner

Specifically Designed To Clean All Brake Component

  • Instant depressing action
  • Improves brake performance
  • Stops disc brake squeal
  • Designed with HAWKS unique residue free formula

Product information

HAWK Brake Cleaner is specifically designed to clean all brake components. HAWK Brake Cleaner will
effectively clean brake discs, pads, linings, drums, rotors, caliphs, springs and backing plates. HAWK Brake Cleaner can also be effectively used on other automotive parts such as; clutches, CV joints, chains and tools. HAWK Brake Cleaner has been formulated to be residue free. HAWK Brake Cleaner’s heavy duty formulation is designed to dissolve and remove oil, grease and brake fluid on contact.

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Brake Cleaner - Rocol

Data Sheets / Certificates


Part Codes

500ml - H00288