High-performance EP chain and conveyor lubricant with a unique formula ensuring maximum performance for penetration, lubrication and corrosion protection.

  • Provides excellent penetration into chain links and pins
  • Highly tenacious water-resistant film to dewater and protect all types of chains in wet or humid environments
  • Offers excellent corrosion protection on chains in hostile environments
  • Great adhesion reducing drips and fling-off

Product information

Highly versatile, high performance, general purpose chain lubricant suitable for all types of drive and conveyor chains.

ROCOL® CHAIN & DRIVE Fluid is a high-performance chain and conveyor lubricant designed to effectively penetrate, lubricate and protect against corrosion.

  • General purpose chain lubricant
  • Good load carrying properties
  • Excellent penetration into links and pins
  • Good resistance to water wash off
  • Outstanding corrosion protection
  • Long term lubrication
  • Temperature range -15ºC to +120ºC

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CHAIN & DRIVE Fluid - Rocol

Data Sheets / Certificates


Part Codes

5L - 22306

20L - 22309