FOODLUBE® Premier 1

Food Grade, Multi-Purpose, EP, NLGI No. 1 Grease

  • Ideal for electric motors and fan bearings
  • Significantly extends bearing life
  • High load and wear properties
  • Highly resistant to water washout
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Wide temperature range -30°C to +180°C
  • DETEX technology — x-ray and metal detectable plastic aerosol caps and actuators reduces risk of plastic contamination
  • NSF H1 registered & ISO 21469 certified for full audit compliance
  • HALAL Certified
  • Kosher Certified

Product information

A high performance EP grease, fortified with PTFE, designed for enhanced lubrication, particularly high speed and temperature applications.

FOODLUBE® Premier 1 is a soft, white, non-toxic lubricant containing PTFE for the effective lubrication and protection of ball, roller and plain bearings, slides and bushes particularly those operating in food, pharmaceutical and other clean environments.

It is an excellent all round NLGI No.1 grease offering excellent water wash off resistance and corrosion protection necessary for lubricants used in food, pharmaceutical and other clean environments.

FOODLUBE® Premier 1 has improved pumpability making it particularly suitable for applications where long pipe runs or small bore tubing has been used.

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FOODLUBE® Premier 1 - Rocol

Data Sheets / Certificates


Part Codes

380g (Shuttle Cartridge) - 15281

380g - 15291

18kg - 15294

50Kg - 15297

170kg - 15299