Water Based Graphite Dispersion

  • Fume free
  • Aids metal flow — promotes die filling
  • Minimum carry over on non-ferrous metals
  • Controls die temperature and extends die life
  • Forms an even bonded coating on hot metal surfaces

Product information

METALFLO 4000 is a water based graphite dispersion for use in the hot metal working industries, particularly suitable for drop hammer and press forging.

METALFLO 4000 is used for the lubrication of all types of hot metal working tools including press and drop hammer dies.

METALFLO 4000 is formulated for application through manual or automatic systems and is recommended for use over a wide range of billet weight and component complexity. Suitable for die temperatures up to, and in excess of 400ºC.

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METALFLO 4000 - Rocol

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18kg - 78374