Heavy duty multi-purpose label remover and cleaner

  • Has metal detectable plastic components (aerosol caps and actuators) capable of detection by most metal detection equipment.
  • Is an effective, heavy duty, non-toxic cleaner for removing everyday grime, grease and dirt.
  • Is ideal for the removal of labels and adhesives and other
  • difficult to remove residues.
  • Has a pleasant citrus odour.
  • Blue, mini-jet spray nozzle for accurate application and easy identification as a foodsafe product.
  • Vegan Trademark registered.

Product information

A citrus solvent based label remover and cleaner in a convenient aerosol format.

NSF C1 registered as suitable for use in inedible product processing, nonprocessing areas and/or exterior areas of food processing establishments.

Ideal for use in many other industrial environments.

An excellent cleaner for everyday grime and dirt, the product is particularly suited for penetrating and removing difficult to remove residues, including labels and adhesives.

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Data Sheets / Certificates


Part Codes

300ml Aerosol 34151