Metal Cutting Lubricant Spray

  • This metal lubricant spray extends tool life.
  • RTD Foamcut improves surface finish.
  • RTD Foamcut increases removal rates.
  • The metal cutting spray reduces production costs.

Product information

RTD FOAMCUT Spray is a metal cutting lubricant specially formulated to provide high resistance to foam generation, ensuring that the cutting process is smooth and efficient.

It is suitable for all metal cutting operations on a wide range of ferrous and non ferrous metals, including copper, brass and aluminium.

The foaming action of RTD Spray ensures the lubricant rapidly penetrates to the cutting edges without running off the tool or workpiece and allows economical application, even in deep holes.

This metal cutting lubricant spray prolongs tool life and improves surface finish.

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RTD FOAMCUT Spray - Rocol

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Part Codes

400ml - 53011