SAPPHIRE Advance 2

Multi-purpose EP bearing grease fortified with PTFE for maximum bearing life.

Effective in a range of applications operating at high speeds such as electric motors and fan bearings.

  • Lithium complex soap technology with EP additives for outstanding high load performance superior to standard soap-thickened lubricants
  • Outstanding performance at high speed for most industrial applications
  • PTFE reduces friction and stick-slip on start-up through more controlled movement

Product information

High performance bearing grease designed for the effective lubrication and protection of all types of ball, roller and plain bearings.

A truly multi-purpose grease, fortified with PTFE, for an extensive range of applications particularly high speeds such as electric motors and fan bearings.

  • Excellent extreme temperature resistance — ranging from -30°C to +160°C.
  • Lithium complex soap technology and EP additives, including PTFE, provides an outstanding high load, EP performance of 560kg that is superior to standard soap thickened lubricants.
  • SAPPHIRE Advance 2 is highly resistant to oxidation, providing extended lubrication intervals whilst reducing equipment failure, downtime and lubricant usage.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance to protect in humid, damp or wet conditions.
  • Outstanding high speed performance for most applications found in industry.
  • PTFE has an extremely low coefficient of friction and its inclusion in SAPPHIREAdvance 2 reduces stick-slip on start up ensuring a smooth controlled movement.

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SAPPHIRE Advance 2 - Rocol

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380g - 12441

18kg - 12446