SAPPHIRE Hi-Pressure

High load molybdenum disulphide plain bearing grease

  • Wide temperature range – operating from -20°C to +150°C.
  • SAPPHIRE Hi-Pressure is a non-melting grease, fortified with molybdenum disulphide, for excellent temperature and water resistance.
  • Molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) has an affinity to metal surfaces leaving a tenacious high load carrying film with a low coefficient of friction.
  • Provides an extremely durable layer reducing frictional heat and wear and extending component life and lubrication intervals.
  • Ideal for highly loaded, applications where shock loads and vibration can occur.
  • Offers excellent corrosion resistance to protect in humid, damp and even wet conditions.
  • Maintains its integrity in arduous conditions and continues to protect over extended lubrication intervals, reducing equipment failure, downtime and lubricant usage.

Product information

Heavy duty bearing grease fortified with molybdenum disulphide.

Designed for the effective lubrication and protection of plain bearings and sliding surfaces used in extreme environments, particularly in heavily loaded, slow moving applications.

Combines the resilience of a clay thickener with the addition of molybdenum disulphide ensuring that a lubricating film exists under the most extreme loadings where the grease film can be squeezed out.

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SAPPHIRE Hi-Pressure - Rocol

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Part Codes

400g - 12011

5kg - 12016

18kg - 12024

50kg - 12018