Steel Epoxy Stick

Steel-reinforced epoxy putty, non-rusting and simply mix by hand. It can be used for repairing or rebuilding anything made from steel


  • Will not slump or drip
  • Bonds quickly to most metals
    • Steel (high & Low Carbon)
    • Aluminium & most other alloy’s
  • Fully cured in 1 hour

Ideal for:

  • Filling cracks
  • Rebuilding broken parts
  • Repairing housings (diff, gearbox etc…..)

Product information

Falcon Steel Epoxy Stick It is a hand-mixable compound that contains steel reinforcement, and is resistant to rust. Once the compound is mixed, it can be used to mould, wrap, or build up steel components. The resulting product is an industrial-strength polymer compound that can withstand rigorous usage. After 60 minutes, you can easily manipulate it by sawing, drilling, carving, sanding or painting!

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