TRI-Logic HO32

Hydraulic Oil for Machine Tools

  • Excellent anti-wear properties.
  • Good filterability.
  • High thermal stability.
  • Excellent corrosion protection.
  • Low foaming.
  • Resists degradation.
  • Optimised for use in the TRI-Logic® system.

Product information

Premium quality oil specifically designed for use in the hydraulic systems of machine tools. 

Designed to resist the tendency to generate deposits, sludge and varnish so giving increased service life and extended oil change intervals.

The unique formulation of TRI-Logic® HO32 (World patent rights pending) minimises the detrimental effects on cutting fluid emulsions usually associated with hydraulic oil leaks. 

Rather than acting as a food source for bacteria and fungi, therefore promoting growth, TRI-Logic® HO32 resists degradation.

The TRI-Logic® system is a revolutionary approach to maximising cutting fluid sump life, minimising fluid disposal and reducing costs. 

For optimum performance, TRI-Logic® HO32 hydraulic oil should be used as part of the TRI-Logic® system.

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TRI-Logic HO32 - Rocol

Data Sheets / Certificates


Part Codes

200L - 51949