High Performance Long Life Cutting Fluid for General Purpose Machining

ROCOL Ultracut 370 Plus is a high dilution, semi-synthetic general purpose water mix cutting and grinding fluid formulated to provide optimum performance at high dilutions on a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

  • Multi-purpose cutting and grinding fluid.
  • High dilution – low sump cost.
  • Inherently resistant to degradation.
  • Compatible with hard and soft water.
  • Suitable for most materials.
  • Tolerant to tramp oil.
  • Clean to use.
  • Excellent residual corrosion protection.
  • Low foaming.

Product information

High performance water mix, general purpose cutting fluid uniquely formulated to give a long predictable sump life.

Provides extra performance in medium and severe cutting operations when machining aluminium and its alloys whilst promoting optimum surface finish.

Can be used to machine other ferrous metals, can be used for stainless steel machining at lower dilutions.

Recommended dilution: ROCOL Ultracut 370 Plus should be used between 40:1 and 60:1 for cutting and between 50:1 and 70:1 for grinding depending on severity of operation, workpiece material and water hardness. To ensure dilution accuracy, it is preferable to use a ROCOL Automatic Fluid Mixer. For manual mixing, add the concentrate to water at the recommended dilution ration, stirring continuously.

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ULTRACUT 370 Plus - Rocol

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Part Codes

1L Bottle - 51243

5L Can - 51246

20L Can - 51245

200L Drum - 51249