Pseudoplastic wire rope dressing

  • Wide temperature range -30°C to +100°C.
  • Excellent lubricating properties which reduces wear on wires and strands, ultimately maximising service life.
  • Offers outstanding corrosion protection and is highly resistant to water wash-off.
  • Prevents build up of dust and dirt.
  • Clean and pleasant to use.
  • Allows easier and more effective rope inspection.
  • Does not drip or fling off due to the pseudoplastic rheology.

Product information

High performance wire rope lubricant featuring advanced pseudoplastic rheology.

Initially appears to be a translucent amber gel, however, it is designed to immediately transform into a fluid consistency under shear to aid complete penetration into the core of the rope.

This transformation ensures that the lubricant resists dripping or throw off.

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Part Codes

18 kg - 20054

160 kg - 20058