Diesel Injector Cleaner

Formulated To Improve & Restore Fuel Injector Function Of Diesel Engines

  • Improves injector performance.
  • Removes harmful deposits in the fuel system.
  • Improves injector life.
  • Restores and improves start ups.
  • For smoother running and lower engine noise.
  • For use in Diesel vehicles only

Product information

HAWK Diesel Injector Cleaner is designed and formulated to improve and restore diesel fuel injector
function. HAWK Diesel Injector Cleaner removes harmful deposits from the fuel injectors and inlet system as well as reduces exhaust emissions. HAWK Diesel Injector Cleaners unique 2-3 points cetane boosts power and performance which leads to better start ups etc. HAWK Diesel Injector Cleaner is designed to work with all Diesel injector systems providing extra lubricity, prevent corrosion and foam controlling. Compatible oxygen sensors and other fuel related sensors.

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Diesel Injector Cleaner - Rocol

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Part Codes

400ml - H00340