ROCOL Multi-Purpose Food Grade PTFE Spray

  • Sub-micron PTFE coats surface to prevent wear and extend equipment life
  • The dry film spray lubricates where wet lubricant cannot be tolerated, e.g. dusty environments
  • DRY PTFE Spray acts as a non-staining, anti-stick agent; ideal for chutes and slides
  • DETEX metal detectable cap and actuator reduces risk of plastic contamination
  • NSF H1 registered, ISO 21469 certified, and WRAS Approved for full audit compliance
  • HALAL Certified
  • Kosher Certified
  • Vegan Trademark registered

Product information

DRY PTFE Spray is a non-toxic, non-staining dry PTFE lubricant, ideal for use in environments where wet lubricants cannot be tolerated, e.g. dusty environments such as paper mills and bakeries. Manufactured by ROCOL and available to buy online today.

The DRY PTFE Spray can be applied to pivots, links, pin and pulleys to prevent wear and extend component life. It is also ideal for use an as anti-stick agent on chutes and slides.
The dry film is made up of a high level of sub-micron PTFE that provides light but very long lasting protection, giving extended re-lubrication intervals.

The dry spray is food-grade and NSF H1, ISO 21469 and Halal certified for full audit compliance and peace of mind.

Manufactured by ROCOL for the highest quality with safest industry standards.

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DRY PTFE Spray - Rocol

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400ml Aerosol - 34235