High temperature chain oil

  • Special antioxidant combination that gives a longer wet film life with lower deposit and varnish formation.
  • Demonstrates a low viscosity increase at elevated temperatures eliminating the risk of tube blockage on automatic lubrication systems.
  • Minimises frictional heat generation on rail systems allowing higher production speeds.
  • Penetrates into the links and pins providing high performance lubrication in the highest potential wear areas.
  • The excellent frictional properties give reduced power consumption on chain drive units.
  • Low evaporation and usage gives good economy in use.
  • Low fuming provides a clean working environment.

Product information

A new generation lubricant specially designed for BRUCKNER sliding chain systems. ROCOL® FLO-LINE 700 has been developed in conjunction with BRUCKNER to meet the requirements of higher speed and heavier loaded machines.

Formulated from a combination of synthetic esters and a special antioxidant package which ensures the highest performance in terms of thermal stability, low evaporation loss and minimal deposit formation.

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FLO-LINE® 700 - Rocol

Data Sheets / Certificates



Part Codes

200L - 22709

1000L - 22704