Single pack, general purpose anti-slip floor coating recommended for large areas where a low profile anti-slip surface is required

  • Easy to apply and is suitable for use on metal, concrete and timber surfaces.
  • Ideal applications include factory floors, garages and storage areas.
  • Can be applied to any clean, dry surface and can be applied by brush or soft roller

Product information

asy to apply to clean, dry surfaces only.

Remove all paint, rust and mill scale, preferably by grit-blasting.

Remove oil, dirt, wax by dissolving in a water washable cleaner/degreaser.

All surfaces must be completely dry before application.

Porous surfaces such as concrete and wood should be primed using SAFE STEP® Non Metal Primer to seal the surface.

Metal surfaces should be primed with SAFESTEP® Metal Primer.

New concrete should be allowed to cure for a minimum of 28 days before coating.

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SAFE STEP 50 - Rocol

Data Sheets / Certificates


Part Codes

5L - 43070