Heavy duty, 100% solvent free two component epoxy anti-slip coating

  • Provides superior resistance to chemicals and wear.
  • Its solvent free character allows its use in odour sensitive applications such as food processing facilities, hospitals etc.
  • Resistant to most common acids, alkalis, solvents, petrol, jet fuels and other hydraulic fluids.

Product information

To ensure optimum adhesion of the floor coating it is vital that the correct quality and quantity of preparation is carried out initially.

Concrete should be at least 28 days old (applying a coating onto concrete less than 28 days old could cause failure of the product).

All oils, grease, dirt, etc. must be removed using a suitable solvent or aqueous de-greaser solution.

All old coatings must be removed (this can be achieved by grit/shot blasting, scabbling or scarifying).

If the surface is not sufficiently rough to ensure a suitable key or where the surface of the concrete is weak the concrete must be etched using a suitable acid etch system if grit/shot blasting cannot be used.

Porous surfaces such as concrete and wood should be primed using SAFE STEP® Non-Metal Primer to seal the surface.

Metal surfaces should be primed using SAFESTEP® Metal Primer.

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SAFE STEP 500 SF - Rocol

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Part Codes

5L Grey - 43323