Single pack, general purpose anti-slip floor coating recommended for large areas where a low profile anti-slip surface is required

  • Easy to apply and is suitable for use on metal, concrete and timber surfaces.
  • Ideal applications include factory floors, garages and storage areas.
  • Can be applied to any clean, dry surface and can be applied by brush or soft roller

Product information

Concrete should be at least 28 days old (applying a coating onto concrete less than 28 days old could cause failure of the product).

All oils, grease, dirt, etc. must be removed using a suitable solvent or aqueous de-greaser solution.

All old coatings must be removed (this can be achieved by grit/shot blasting, scabbling or scarifying).

If the surface is not sufficiently rough to ensure a suitable key or where the surface of the concrete is weak the concrete must be etched using a suitable acid etch system if grit/shot blasting cannot be used.

Porous surfaces such as concrete and wood should be primed using SAFE STEP® Non-Metal Primer to seal the surface (metal surfaces should be primed using SAFE STEP® Primer).

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SAFE STEP 50 - Rocol

Data Sheets / Certificates


Part Codes

5L Tub (Grey) - 43070

5L Tub (Red) - 43071