High Performance Long Life Cutting Fluid for Aluminium

  • Gives optimum cutting performance on aluminium and its alloys.
  • Prevents built-up edge.
  • Extends tool life.
  • Promotes excellent surface finish.
  • Non-staining with most aerospace and industrial alloys.
  • Excellent residual corrosion protection.
  • Inherently resistant to degradation.
  • Long and predictable sump life.
  • Low foaming.
  • Rejects tramp oil.
  • Ideal for individual and central cutting fluid systems.
  • Contains no biocides or skin sensitisers.
  • Pleasant and safe to use.

Product information

High performance water mix, aluminium cutting fluid uniquely formulated to give a long predictable sump life.

Provides extra performance in medium and severe cutting operations when machining aluminium and its alloys whilst promoting optimum surface finish.

Can be used to machine other non ferrous metals, for example, copper and its alloys and all but the most difficult to machine ferrous metals.

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