High performance, chlorine free, cold metal forming lubricant

  • Excellent performance on all cold pressing and drawing operations resulting in minimal waste
  • Suitable for use on all metals
  • Ability to dilute product in oil or water resulting in cost savings
  • Free from chlorine
  • Easily cleaned off components and tooling

Product information

ULTRAFORM 2050 is a high performance, chlorine free, cold metal forming lubricant.

Formulated for all cold metal pressing and drawing operations, this unique product provides optimal performance and outstanding cost-saving potential.

ULTRAFORM 2050 can be used neat, diluted with water or mineral oil to suit application requirements.

For the most difficult operations, it should be used undiluted to give the highest level of performance.

Where economy is required, the wide dilution range of ULTRAFORM 2050 is ideal with its ability to be diluted with either oil or water.

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ULTRAFORM 2050 - Rocol

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Part Codes

200L - 86020

1000L - 86025