High Performance Synthetic Grinding Fluid

  • Promotes excellent surface finish.
  • Being oil free, keeps wheels clean.
  • Grindings settle out readily giving clean flow of fluid to the workpiece.
  • Excellent residual corrosion protection.
  • Transparent liquid gives clear view of workpiece.
  • Very low foaming.
  • Keeps machine clean.
  • Low odour.
  • Extended sump life

Product information

Synthetic, nitrite free, water mix grinding fluid formulated to provide a long, predictable sump life. 

Transparent liquid gives good view of the workpiece, is low foaming and ensures rapid settlement of grinding fines.

Designed for use with all types of grinding wheels, wet abrasive belts and abrasive cut-off wheels; it is suitable for all surface, centreless and cylindrical grinding operations.

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ULTRAGRIND Premium - Rocol

Data Sheets / Certificates



Part Codes

20L - 51182

200L - 51189